Whether your child is already interested in computer science, or has never heard of the subject, Algorithms Magazine will give them something fun to ponder.

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Say "Goodbye" to dull, difficult computer science lectures! Kiki will bring technology into your home or classroom with her lively, colorful videos on all things tech (and more!)

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New to teaching computer science? With more than two decades of combined experience of teaching at all age levels, Rebecca and Kiki will keep you pondering pedagogy and reeling with laughter.

Follow the antics of these brilliant instructors and CEOs as they tackle the future of teaching computationally.

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Have you heard about Keep Kids Coding?

The brainchild of Mike Agostinelli from the Northwest Council for Computer Education, Keep Kids Coding is a series of blogs and videos that take advantage of a brand new partnership between the NCCE and KIKIvsIT.

Each week, Mike will write about a new EdTech resource (primarily from CSisFun.com) that links to a video by KIKIvsIT on the same subject.

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